About Us

Wondering what makes Austin CPAP Supply stand out from other suppliers? We are able to make buying CPAP supplies quick and painless for several few reasons…

We don’t bill insurance

There are plenty of great suppliers out there that are able to go through your insurance provider. Unfortunately, due rising out-of-pocket costs, strict resupply guidelines, and vast paperwork requirements there are a significant amount of people who find it easier to bypass their insurance completely and pay for their supplies without going through insurance. That means that if you need a new mask today; you can get a new mask today! No need to wait for a new prescription from your doctor, or wait two weeks for your insurance provider to “authorize” a new mask.

We don’t require a doctor’s prescription

According to FDA guidelines, fully assembled CPAP masks require a prescription to be dispensed even when you are not going through an insurance provider. If the headgear and the mask are packaged separately however, the need for a prescription can be bypassed. No more waiting on your doctor’s office to fax over a new prescription to buy a new mask!

We don’t sell CPAP machines

CPAP machines require physician prescriptions unlike most supplies. Your physician interprets your sleep study to determine the pressure settings on the machine that will provide optimum therapy for you. It is vital that be done by a doctor. In order to keep our services fast, convenient, and easy we do not currently sell CPAP machines. We happily refer you to our friends at A&P Quality Care Medical, another locally owned and operated DME company.

We are centrally located in Austin

Want to take advantage of free same-day pickup at our retail location? Our convenient location makes that easy! We also are able to send next day Priority mail through the USPS for free anywhere in Austin and to the surrounding areas if you spend $100 or more. Orders from outside of the Austin area still certainly able to get free shipping subject to the shipping time through USPS. Call us if you need it quicker!